How To Play

Find a Patch

Most gift shops + visitor centers sell 'em for 5 bucks.

Snap a Photo

Then share on Instagram and tag #adventurepatch.

Explore More

The world is big and beautiful. Have an adventure.

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Questions & Answers

What is this?

Adventure Patch is a photo game for people who explore. The goal is to collect 200 unique images from states, national parks and other points of interest around the world. When the goal is reached, a limited edition 7 x 7 inch photo book will be published.

Where do I find the patches?

Patches can be purchased for $5 at most gift shops, souvenir shops, and visitor centers. Once you start keeping an eye out, you'll be surprised to find patches everywhere.

Can I purchase patches online?

Soon, you'll be able to purchase one-of-a-kind patches on this very website. A few online retailers that have patches for sale now: eParks (the official online store of America's National Parks), Kimberlin Co. (a great collection of Pacific Northwest patches), DIY, Jordan Cullen Design, and Steel Bison.

How do I get my photo published?

If you would like your photo to be published, send the original Adventure Patch photo to

What do I get for contributing a photo?

You'll get first dibs to pre-order the limited edition photo book + free shipping. Also, your name and Instagram handle will be printed alongside your photo.

When will the photo book be published?

As soon as 200 unique photo-book-worthy photos are contributed.

Can I share more than one photo?

Yes, absolutely! More the merrier.

What do I do with the patches I find?

Stitch them on a backpack, frame them, iron them on a jacket, or stash them in a junk drawer — never to be seen again.

Who is behind the project?

Keegan Jones — Find him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

How can I stay in the loop?

Want to be the first to know when the Adventure Patch photo book is available and see sneak peeks of secret projects?

Let's go everywhere, let's see everything.